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This is the official form to apply for the Vietnam Young Lions 2022 competition. All the information submitted is used for the competition process, an Additional fee will be charged if there is any information adjustment. The form contains five (05) main parts:
1. General information: Applicants can choose which league and category they would like to apply for and team name
2. Team members: Detailed information of two (02) team members
3. Payment: Information on how to make a payment to complete the registration process
4. VAT invoice: Information for VAT invoice in case of requirement
5. Terms & Conditions: Applicants are asked to read carefully and sign the hard copy
All fields in the form are compulsory, so the submission is only finished when all the required information is filled. In case the applicants would like to stop and come back later, they can click on the [SAVE & EXIT] button at the end of this page and provide the email address which is used to continue the submission process.
then fill out the email address which you provided when you click on the [SAVE & EXIT] button.



After all, we are looking forward to receiving your application for the Vietnam Young Lions 2022 competition. Please read and input the information carefully.


Students who are in internship at the agency side are not eligible

Name your team

Maximum 12 characters
No special characters (@ # $ % *, etc.)
All CAPITAL letters


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Team member 2

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