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This is the official form to apply for the Vietnam Young Lions competition. All the information submitted is used for the competition process, an additional fee will be charged if there is any information adjustment. The form contains four (04) main parts:
1. General information: Applicants can choose which league and category they would like to apply for and team name
2. Team members: Detailed information of two (02) team members
3. Payment & VAT invoice: Information for VAT invoice in case of requirement
4. Terms & Conditions: Applicants are asked to read carefully and sign the hard copy
The submission is only finished when all the required information is filled. In case you would like to stop and come back later, you can click on the [SAVE AS DRAFT] button at the end of this page and provide the email address which is used to continue the submission process. When you come back to the registration form, please kindly click on the SUSPEND button then fill out your email address and click on the SUBMIT button.
Please note: You can only use the SAVE AS DRAFT feature once before submitting.
After all, we are looking forward to receiving your application for the Vietnam Young Lions competition. Please read and input the information carefully.


Students who are in internship at the agency side are not eligible

Name your team

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Student Club

For the first time, to recognize the contribution of Student Clubs, Vietnam Young Lions has introduced the new special awards called “The Most Winning Student Club”. The prize is determined based on the performance of the winning student teams, who proudly represent the clubs they belong to. Each Gold, Silver, and Bronze award secured by the students contributes 3 points, 2 points, and 1 point, respectively, towards their club's standing in the competition.
Please enter your club’s name for the organizer to record the score. If your club's name is not on the list, please contact the organizer for inclusion.

Other activities

Are you open for a job and willing to let the organizer make your information and your works available to potential employers for recruitment purposes?

Contestants of Vietnam Young Lions now have an option to enter the Talent Hunting pool, which enables them to showcase their profiles and their submissions to prospective recruiters through the network of AIM Academy. This remarkable initiative opens up unprecedented opportunities for contestants to secure fulfilling job prospects.

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