Vietnam Young Lions could not be successful without the support of clients and agencies that the contestants come from. The Most Winning Agency and The Most Winning Client are the awards to honor them. 

Since 2016, Vietnam Young Lions has attracted many contestants from popular to new agencies and clients. They are the ones who silently encourage young talents to join the competition to grow, win and prove themselves. The company record is based on the contestants' provided company information in their Registration Form. The score is calculated based on the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes over 3 years from 2016 to 2018. Each Gold prize gains 3 points while a Silver gets 2 points and 1 point for each Bronze. 

This year, Vietnam Young Lions 2018 is glad to announce the top 3 agencies whose members of staff have the most winnings in the competition: 

- Dinosaur

- Mindshare Vietnam

- The Purpose Group

Among 3 agencies, The Purpose Group has the highest score for the Most Winning Agency Award this year. Congratulations, The Purpose Group!


This award proves that the agencies are aware of the importance of the capacity building for their staff as well as the reputation of Vietnam Young Lions when supporting their descendants to win the best prizes of the competition.

The most Winning Client Award is to honor the companies on the ‘other side’ of the Marketing & Communication industry. The top 3 Clients whose employees have the most winnings in Vietnam Young Lions 2018 include:

- Nestlé Vietnam

- Unilever Vietnam


With the similar formula to calculate, the Most Winning Client Award this year calls the name of Unilever as the most active company in facilitating their staff to compete in the Vietnam Young Lions arena.


When being asked about how the company supported their staff, the Brand Manager of Unilever, Pham Tran Hai Ha said: “Unilever is very happy to win this award this year. During the competition, we organized a session to share the experience from the previous winners and reduced the contestants’ workload to help them concentrate on the competition.” Unilever’s effort finally paid off with both prizes for them and their staff.

Vietnam Young Lions is not only a place for contestants to show off but also for companies to grow their talented young professionals. As the organizer, AIM Academy is delighted to have the active participation of Clients and Agencies in this prestigious competition.